81 words

I came across a website listing stories with exactly 81 words. I like 81 (it’s 9 squared and 3 to the power 4 – but that’s not important right now).
The website is  at 81words.net
As I’m always looking for a new writing challenge, I decided to submit an entry. I quickly wrote something and submitted it. Later on, I read it, hated it and deleted it.
I learned that stories need time to mature. You can’t just knock them off and produce a masterpiece.
I re-wrote it. I’m not claiming it’s a masterpiece now but I certainly like it more.
I also found that there was a website run by Ofcom listing phone numbers for use by writers. It’s here by the way.

As he walked past an old-fashioned phonebox, the phone began to ring. Curious, he stepped inside and answered it.
‘Help me! I’m stuck.’ A woman’s voice; she sounded terrified.
He spoke to her but she did not reply.
A prank?
He replaced the handset and pushed the door to leave. It would not open. A notice read: ‘If you need help, call 01632 567384.’
He dialled and waited.
Fifty miles away, the phone inside an old-fashioned phonebox began to ring.


One thought on “81 words

  1. Yes yes, yes. I’ve got a file of maturing stories. Some will never make it and some have no hope of getting away with an 81 word format but I so agree. All stories benefit with a breathing space before publishing.

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