#FP – Friday Phrases

Image On Thursday, I followed David Buchan on Twitter (@Buchan_David_) who suggested I get involved with Friday Phrases (@FridayPhrases).

The idea is to “Tweet & RT 140-character stories, poems, story prompts, chain stories & other microfiction gems.”

It seemed like a good idea so I wrote several short pieces just for #FP. I would recommend it. The Tweeps involved were friendly and supportive and it was good fun.

As Twitter is a medium where writing gets lost, I have copied some of my #FPs here:

He danced with her in the dark. She snuggled into his neck.
‘To bed?’
She nodded.
He carried her upstairs and lowered her into the cot.

He wasn’t sure of the Pleasure-Pain principle, until now. The pain was excruciating but the pleasure! He died with a smile on his face.

The last Centaur! He admired the elegant creature; such grace, such poise, so much wisdom. He wanted to study it forever. He fired.

‘Dad, I hear banging, it’s scary!’
‘Back to bed! Mum & I are playing.’
His son went. He dragged the corpse further downstairs.

The full archive of the #FP I took part in can be found here.


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