Microsoft Word – Writers shortcuts

ImageMicrosoft Word offers a number of features that make the writing / editing process easier.

Function Keys

The function keys at the top of your keyboard (labelled F1 to F12) perform different actions in Word. Remembering them all is a chore but some are really useful.

Shift F3

Toggles captialisation. so word becomes Word becomes WORD becomes word again.

This is very useful when editing.

Shift F5

Moves the cursor to the last edited point. This will also work when you first open the document and helps you to get off to a flying start.

Shift F7

Brings up the Thesaurus for the current word.

Automatically jump to last edit when opening a document

Whilst you can press Shift F5 as soon as you open a document, you can automate this.

Go to View – Macros – View Macros

Type in ‘AutoOpen’ as the Macro name and then click Create

Enter the following text:

On Error Resume Next

Then save the document. From now on, when you open a document it will automatically jump to the last place you were editing.


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