How I write

pen and paperI am still exploring the way I write. I say this because, unlike so many people I read about, I’ve only recently started to put pen to paper. I have to write reports in my job but writing stories is new to me. I decided that the best way would be to read a few books about writing but they appeared to be contradictory. It was then that I realised that what works for one writer does not always work for another.

The best pieces of advice were:

  • Just write – Your first attempt will not be perfect, but it doesn’t matter, just get it down on paper.
  • Write the first chapter and then the last one. You know where you start and where you end up, now join the dots.

I use both of these but things change. The first chapter I wrote became the second chapter of the book. The final chapter ended up as one in the middle. I don’t mind that. Things happen and I’m not afraid to change them to make the book better.

I have an idea of where the story will go and what will happen but new situations arise and I might end up in a totally different direction. The story started out as science fiction based around an alternative currency. Now it’s a crime thriller. It might change again.

I have settled into a routine. At the weekends and some evenings, I write new chapters. Then, I print out my manuscript and read it, editing as I go.

There might be some writers who look at this and say ,’Oh no, don’t do it like that.’

I say, ‘I’m enjoying myself so does it really matter?’