Making a Steampunk Thermometer

I’ve been planning to put together a Steampunk outfit, just in case I need one at any time – you know how it is…

I was interested in modifying something to make it Steampunk but I still wanted it to function as a real object. I believe the Victorians would not actually have liked the obsession with putting cogs on things for no purpose.

I bought  cheap thermometer and hygrometer from the internet (similar to this one).

It arrived today and I unpacked the box.

Straight out of the box

Straight out of the box

  1. On the back of the meter are three pegs used to hold it all together. Prise it apart.Back
  2. Pull off the needles (take care with this or you pull out the innards – use a screwdriver to twist them off). Peel off the two meters which are stuck on to the dial.Dismantled
  3. Spray the two white plastic parts and the needles with primer. When dry, spray with the metal colour you wish to use (I used brass).
  4. Scan the dial into a computer and use Photoshop (or similar) to age the image. I used a sepia tint and a texture.New Dial
  5. Cut out the new dial and glue it back on to the original dial. Then glue the mechanisms back on.
  6. Put it all back together.

This is my first modification and I’m really pleased with the result. Now for that Nerf Gun…