100 Word Challenge


100 Word Challenge for grown ups

100 Word Challenge for grown ups

I do enjoy finding new challenges to keep my writing brain thinking. I came across the 100 word challenge on a blog called Julia’s Place.

I liked the idea of writing a story in 100 words or fewer prompted by an image.

This week’s image was three wise monkeys.

Three Wise MonkeysThis is my response. I hope you enjoy it. The other responses can be found here.

I stood next to him and pointed. ‘My father used to bring me and my sisters here. He would re-tell the story of the three wise monkeys every Saturday. It became a ritual, a shared experience between us. I learned it was better to keep quiet, not to speak out, to look away from evil and block my ears to what was happening.’

He stared. ‘Sometimes you have to watch, listen and scream the truth.’

‘I just needed you to understand what it was like.’

He lowered his head. ‘Shall we return to the station and begin?’

I nodded.