New idea – Review Day

I have read many author blogs, Tweets and Facebook posts explaining the importance of readers leaving reviews.

Reviews are important as they provide greater exposure to good books and help readers identify books they would enjoy reading.

Review Day is one idea to help increase the number of reviews and should be supported by everyone who loves books.

The Rules:

  1. Review Day will the the 3rd day of each month. The ‘rd’ is there to remind you!
  2. On Review Day, write (at least) one review of (at least) one book on (at least) one website.
  3. Reviews must be honest, fair and balanced.
  4. Add #rd or #ReviewDay to the review to show it was written as part of Review Day.
  5. Use social media, if you can, to promote Review Day. Use hashtags #rd or #ReviewDay

That’s it. Make it a habit. Make it a ‘thing’.